Shanghai Rays Electronics Science & Technology Co Ltd

Date: 27th October 2016
RScan-HR 6550 Multi-energy X-Ray Security Scanner
?Applications? ?Briefcase, handbags, mails, etc. inspection, ?Widely used in airport, train station, subway station, custom, port, government buildings,sports venues and other important places. ? ??Highlights? ?? According to civil aviation standard ?? Multi-energy, 0.78 high resolution detectors ?? 4 times clearer than common X-Ray security scanner, less than 0.0787 mm metal wire (AWG40) ?? Ultra-low X-Ray leakage, complying with domestic & international safety standard ?? Double screen joint display, wider view and longer recognition time ?? Hi-spot for image best contrast and HDA to alert dangerous items ?? Drugs and explosives auto-inspection (RS-DEI) ?? RScale to make sure image in original shape without distortion ?? Temperature and humidity monitoring ?? Modular design, self-diagnosis for important parts like X-Ray generator, detection boards array, light barrier ?? Convenient software and humanized hardware, special keyboard, zoom & move by mouse?Options? ?Threat image projection (RS-TIP) ?Video monitoring system (RS-VMS) ?Energy saving device ? ??Specifications? ?Tunnel Size: 650mm (W) * 505mm (H) ?Conveyor Speed: 0.2 m/s; up to 0.3m/s ?Max. Conveyor Load: 160Kg (evenly distributed) ?System Noise: <56dB ? ??Performance Index? ?Resolution: Less than 0.0787 mm Metal Wire (AWG40) ?Penetration: 34 mm Steel ?Leakage: < 0.13 ?Sv/H ?Dose Per Inspection: <1.3 ?Sv ?Image Resolution: 1280x1024/24Bits