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Date: 17th October 2016
RScan-D8000A Walk-through Metal Detector
?Widely used in??Specially designed for convention and exhibition center, large-scale activities, courts, prisons, tourist attractions and public places such kinds of security checking occasions.?HIGHLIGHTS? ??Detecting area: Six vertically distributed detection areas,transmit and collect singles from both sides. Objects being detected can be accurate positioned. ??Recognition function: No blind area within uniform detecting area. The highest sensitivity is capable for detecting paper clip-sizemetal ??The sensitivity:Free adjustment within 200 sensitivity levels and separated adjustment for certain detecting area are available. According to different checking parts to exclude detection of coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckle, etc. ??Detectability: The infrared correlation device, automatic tracking& sampling adjustment technology speed up the induction detecting. ??Alarm display: LED at both sides displaying and alarming the contour points of human body, and more than one alarms simultaneously is available. ??Alarm sounds: 10 kinds of alarm sounds for choice, 10 volume for adjustment, 1 ~ 19 seconds optionalfor sound isolation setting. ??Anti-interference ability: Adopt the most advanced technologies of digital filtering, digital pulse and magnetic-electric compatible. No interference even multiple devices used at the same time. ??Strong signal attenuation: High sensitivity and under control of infrared correlation, it can alarm properly without omission even oversized metal passing through. ??EncryptionManagement: Sensitivity parameters Settingsis available only after inputtingcorrect password. ??Data recovery: Once data loss caused by improper operation. Please reset to default according to password provided by original factory. ??The computer control: Parameter settingand detecting data display are available through computer. ??Networking: Can connect with computerthrough reserved data communication interface. And many sets of device can be connected and controlled simultaneously. ??Lightning protection design: Device is designed with electric tube and znopiezoresistor combination module, and can be used under "exposure environment" ??Resistance to impact: Device is featured with strong resistance to impact and touch attack ability.It will notbe influenced by external factors during normal standby. ??Stability: Distortion-free epoxy board is the base board of probe coil, which ensures the stability long service time of the device. ??Safety: In accordance with the current international safety standards, by adopting the technology of weak magnetic field, the heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, CD, film, video, hearing AIDS, etc. No damage ??Water-proof design: Import waterproof synthetic fiber materials, precision machining (door foot cases are more than 50 mm) of the production process?Specifications? ?Working voltage:AC 220V ?Power:35W ?Working environment: -30?-+60? ?Overall dimension: 2200mm(H)?870mm(W)?650mm(D) ?Tunnel size: 1980mm(H)?750mm(W)?650mm(D) ?Weight?about 75kg