Shanghai Rays Electronics Science & Technology Co Ltd

Date: 17th October 2016
RScan-D8000 Walk-through Metal Detector
?Applications? ?Airport, customs, port, station, court, public security, prison, detention campsimportant places, exhibition, trade fair, gym ?Night club, cinema, theater, dance hall, bar, bank, hospital, post office, public buildings school, etc.?Functions? ?? Display panel?big LCD panel, both Chinese and English available ?? Detection area?8 detection boards equally distributed in both sides, super-bright LED lights ?? Recognition function?size of the detected metal can be recognized ?? Self-diagnosis?automatically start up and self-diagnose when power is on, any breakdown will be displayed on the screen ?? One key restore ?? Remote control: equipped with dedicated remote-control unit, easy for function adjustment and start up/down ?? Alarm: sound and light alarm simultaneously, 1-25s, adjustable 255 volume level and 11 tone levels ?? Detection zone: adjustable single or multi- zones' alarm (6 zones in factory) ?? Vibration protection ?? Anti-interference ability?advanced interactive emission and absorption technology, 8 adjustable working frequencies, well prevented from the mutual interference for the closed ones ?? Passing speed?detection speed can be self-defined; the highest is 100-person/min. ?? Counting function?intelligent passenger and alarm counting, up to 20000 counting times, automatically storage ?? Management encryption?prevent from illegally data modification, or mis-operation ?? Safety?no harm to pacemaker, deaf-aid, pregnant woman, CD, etc. ?? Calendar?year, month, day, hour and minute ?? Water-proof design?high quality waterproof synthetic fiber materials are used, precision processing technic ?? Networking?can be connected to computer, remote parameter setting/searching available (optional) ?? Backup power supply?2-8 hours power supply (optional)?Specification? ?Working voltage?AC85V-264V/50-60HZ ?Overall dimension?2230mm(H)*840mm(W)*560mm(D) ?Tunnel size?2000mm(H)*700mm(W)*500mm(D) ?Weight?about 65kg ?Power?20W ?Working environment?-20? - +55?