Shanghai Rays Electronics Science & Technology Co Ltd

Date: 17th October 2016
RScan 5030S Foreign Object Inspection Equipment
?Highlights? ?? 0.78mm (AWG40) high resolution detection system,Website:, high-definition image without burring or tailing ?? Special software for foreign-body inspection ?? Various detection modes for different shoes or bags ?? Multi-level user management & report system ?? Perfect image management system, batch image conversion and save supported ?? Completed printing functions, image printing, QR code or text printing supported ?? Programmable hotkeys ?? One key best zoom?Basic Specification? ?Tunnel Size?505mm (W) * 305mm (H) ?Conveyor Speed?0.2 m/s; up to 0.3m/s ?Max. Conveyor Load?120Kg (evenly distributed) ?System Noise?< 56dB?Performance Index? ?Wire ?Resolution: 0.0787mm Metal Wire (AWG40) ?Penetration?8mm Steel ?Dose Per Inspection?< 1.3?Gy ?Leakage?< 0.13?Gy/h