Shanghai Rays Electronics Science & Technology Co Ltd

Date: 27th October 2016
RScan 100100 Multi-energy X-Ray Security Scanner
?Applications? ?Luggage, large cases, cargo inspection ?Widely used in?Airport?Railway station?Warehouse?Custom?Port and other important places?Highlights? ?? Multi-energy, 34mm steel penetration ?? 0.0787mm high-definition image ?? Ultra-low X-Ray leakage, complying with domestic?international safety standard ?? Double screen joint display, wider view and longer recognition time ?? Drugs and explosives auto inspection(RS-DEI) ?? Hi-spot for image best contrast and HDA to alert dangerous items ?? RScale to make sure image in original shape without distortion ?? Temperature and humidity monitoring ?? Modular design, self-diagnosis for important parts like X-Ray generator, detection boards array, light barrier ?? Convenient software and humanized hardware, special keyboard, zoom?move by mouse ? ??Options? ?Threat image projection (RS-TIP) ?Video monitoring system (RS-VMS) ?Energy saving device?Specifications? ?Tunnel Size: 1010mm (W)*1010mm (H) ?Conveyor Speed: 0.2m?s; up 0.3m?s ?Max. Conveyor Load: 200kg (evenly distributed) ?System Noise :< 62dB?Performance Index? ?Line Resolution?0.0787 mm Metal Wires (AWG40) ?Penetration?34mm Steel ?Leakage?< 0.25? Sv?H ?Dose Per Inspection?< 0.85? Sv ?Image Resolution?1280?1024?24Bits