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Date: 17th October 2016
RDH106 Passage Type Pedestrian And Luggage Radioactivity Monitoring System
?Application? ?Customs?Quality inspection agencies?Environmental protection agencies?Public places?Border crossings?Airports?Ports?Entry and exit port?Metallurgy industry?Nuclear power plant.?Features? ?? Detection Area: Divided into eight longitudinal arrangement, can be received with both sides and ?accurately positioned to detect objects. ?? Sensitivity and False Positive Rate: Comply with the standard of GB/T24246-2009. ?? Sensitivity Consistency: There is no blind area in the detection area, uniform, better than the standard ?of GB/T24246-2009. ?? Radionuclide Identification: The energy range of the radioactive material can be distinguished from the ?naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) and special nuclear material (SNM) ?? Dose Rate Analysis: A rough analysis of the dose rate, can determine the risk levels. ?? Overload Characteristic: >100 Sv/h will show alarm. ?? Other Detection Ability: Infrared ray correlation device, will automatically track the sampling ?adjustment technology, and automatically reduce false alarm. ?? Alarm Sound: 2 alarm tones can be selected. ?? Anti-interference: Using digital filtering, digital pulse and other advanced technology. More than one ?series without interference. ?? Management Encryption: Set a password, only with the correct password to be set the parameters of ?the program and the sensitivity. ?? Data Recovery: Can be used to restore the factory settings, such as improper operation caused by the ?loss of data, etc. ?? Computer Control: The parameter can be set up by the computer, and the detection data will be ?displayed. ?? Networking: Reserved data communication interface to connect with the computer, and multiple ?devices can be controlled by computer ?? Anti-impact: Not influenced by external factors, has strong resistance to collision. ?? Safety: Comply with current international safety standards, using the technology of weak magnetic ?field, no damage to the pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, CD discs, aprons, video tapes, hearing ?aids,etc.?Specification? ?Working Voltage?AC 220V ?Power?260W ?Weight?<600KG ?Working Temperature?-20?~+40? ?Outline Size?2170mm(H)?990mm(W)?600mm(D) ?Tunnel Size?2000mm(H)?760mm(W)?600mm(D)